A beer drinker’s guide to blogging

Jason Harris from Big Shed Brewing Co

Jason Harris from Big Shed Brewing Co

Finally I feel like a man because I can distinguish between an IPA and an APA.

Of course, I’m referring to Indian Pale Ale and American Pale Ale, just two of the many different beer styles being made today.

I know this because I spent an afternoon recently with Jason Harris (pictured) and Craig Basford, the two brewers behind the Big Shed Brewing Co.

They led me through worldwide tour of beer styles, which is no mean feat, given I am a wine man not a beer man. Although that is changing now.

It occurred to me, as we waded deeper into an amber ocean, that what was taking place was a live, 3D version of blogging.

So, for what it’s worth, here are some thoughts from an afternoon with beer drinkers that might help you get started (or return to) blogging through your WordPress website.

Sip, Don’t Gulp

At the beginning of the afternoon, my opinion was that beer was beer was beer. I knew there were a few different styles but I assumed they all tasted like beer and lacked the full range of structures and styles that wine offers.

What Jason and Craig did was masterful.

They led me through a tasting plan, one sip at a time, giving me one particular attribute to seek out or note with each new beer.

This can be a great way to start developing your blogging topics. Take one product or service you offer at a time, think about a compelling feature or benefit of that item, and note how that might surprise or interest your target market.

I call this sipping rather than gulping.

The danger with blogging or writing media releases or advertisements is that we are tempted to include everything we can at once. This can be overwhelming for a reader and can also flood them with information they don’t care about.

Instead, picking out one particular angle for each blog post will mean that it will be superbly ready to be found by a person who is searching for such particular information.

Like a patient predator, your blog post will lie there, waiting for Google to spring it upon a curious web surfer as they search for that topic.

Over time, you will build a web of content designed to capture the enquiries, questions and searching of people you are trying to connect with.

Passion is the key

Whether you are brewing beer, cleaning offices or selling children’s clothes, find some time to stop and think about how you would lead an interested person through your range of products or services.

What does each one have that is special or different from another?

When would you choose one over the other?

Jason and Craig were ‘on fire’ when talking about the different beer styles, you could see they really appreciated the differences and nuances between them.

I firmly believe that someone who cleans offices can tap into that passion as well. Different brushes, different soaps, the ideal approach to cleaning quickly and effectively, all these aspects to cleaning could and should stir passion in the cleaners I would want to do business with.


Finally, Jason and Craig were very disciplined in ‘shutting up and listening’.

Even though they could both talk the legs off a bar stool on the topic of beer and brewing, they were equally interested in hearing my reactions.

How often do you listen to your customers?

Most of us are so busy talking and sharing our insights that we forget to listen to the rich, invaluable questions that our customers or prospective customers are asking us.

As Jason and Craig listened to my feedback on each beer, I could see they were desperate to drink up any new insights, any new flavours I found and to tap my experience from wine tasting for new ways of understanding their brewing.

The same goes for thinking through the ‘obvious questions’ from a newbie’s perspective. I hope they took note of all the ‘stupid’ questions I asked because these questions give you great topics to blog on.

I hope these beer-inspired insights have helped you think about some new ways of gearing up your blogging activity.

When Big Shed Brewing Co. starts blogging (they are in start up phase) I will share a link to their blog at the bottom of this article so we can see how they are going.

Until next time, cheers!




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