Back up your WordPress site and sleep like a baby

Backup Buddy for WordPressLast night I had the deepest sleep I’ve had in a while.

After experimenting with a number of different backup options for WordPress sites over the last few years, I finally tried Backup Buddy (this is not an affiliate link – they just offer a great product).

Let’s cut to the chase on this one because every minute with your website poorly backed up is a minute spent on the edge of the abyss!

Some reasonable steps to WordPress security

I have always preached that it is good practice after every blogging or updating session to click Tools > Export and save a copy of the main database files.

This has come in handy a number of times when clients have been caught out by any number of hazards – accidentally deleting sections of website, not keeping WordPress up to date and letting hackers in, etc.

It allows us to quickly rebuild simple WordPress sites but usually doesn’t include media files like images.

We have also been using some very good protection that stops prying eyes from poking around your server files.

There have been some of the regular backup scheduling programs that have worked well without being put to the full test of catastrophe – touch virtual wood.

And some clients have used services provided by hosting providers, where their complete web hosting setup is backedup weekly. For example, Webcity does this for just $39 a year.

But, nothing is quite as good as having every single file and image backed up nice and safely.

Quick and professional with a sense of humour

Enter Backup Buddy.

This premium plugin costs US$75 a year and when it is installed gives you the choice of

  • manual backup – push a button to choose just the database or everything including media
  • automated backup – set regular backups while you sleep

I am very impressed that a complete backup, and I mean ‘complete – the wording in the software says, ‘database, media library, photos, non-WP files, themes, plugins, the kitchen sink, all the marbles, and that sock you lost in 1996.’

Love the Mailchimp-style humour but even more than that I love the fact that the full backup took just minutes and was triggered by clicking one button.

Connect the plugin to a free Dropbox account and you can have your backups stored in the cloud, but on a different server.

If you are comfortable playing with plugins, please grab this one and install it on your site.

If you need a hand, just sing out because it won’t cost much our time to get you set up.




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