How to maintain Google Analytics reports being emailed to you Part Two [video]

google analytics screenshot steve davis baker marketingI used my WordPress slot last week to cover this important topic of setting up Google Analytics monthly emails because that is a natural part of running your blog/website.

However, a few clients asked if I would do a video version because the new Google Analytics looks confusing.

I agree.

I really do not like the new layout of Google Analytics, nor did I really like the old one. Sure, I get myself around but there are some leaps of logic required in sewing the various components together, unlike some of Google’s other tools which are very intuitive.

But be that as it may, here is a video showing you how to set up your monthly Google Analytics email, click by click.

NOTE: Setting up this email does not let you off the hook regarding diving into Google and checking things for yourself, but it is a good memory jogger to do so. Furthermore, if your WordPress site was set up by Baker Marketing you will have a small Google Analytics summary always available in the Dashboard. Again, that is a good memory jogger for diving in while giving you some indications of traffic trends, most popular pages, most fruitful keywords and most valuable sources of traffic.

Here is the video.

How to set up Google Analytics to send you a monthly report

This video assumes you have your Google Analytics log in information and an account set up already. If you are one of our clients, this information will be in your Cheat Sheet.


All the best. Just try it, you won’t break anything.





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