Using a WordPress plugin, an app, and and iPhone to podcast on the fly

steinar-mobile-podcasterThis week for something different on WordPress Wednesday I have decided to give a trial to a new plug-in called Mobile Podcaster. NOTE: This review and post has NOT been paid for. Baker Marketing paid full price for all elements listed.

This plug-in allows you to record a podcast directly into your iPhone or iPad, set the name and the description, and then publish it ultimately to iTunes and your blog without having to touch your computer.

Most of this blog post was actually composed on my iPhone 4s, moments after recording my audio.

This means I was able to record my podcast, give it a title and description and send it to this website in one series of movements.

What is particularly helpful with the iPhone 4s (and with the iPad 3) is that Siri allows you to dictate your written text too.

So, in fact, you can shoot a quick podcast to your site (and iTunes) with very little typing at all.

How could a small business use this? Here are a few quick ideas.

Unlocking audio content production for your marketing

When you consider the portability of the iPhone and iPad, it means these tools can now become mobile audio recording studios.

In business, this might mean being able to capture interviews with key clients or colleagues, with ease and without setting up or lugging around specialised equipment.

This set up will also make it easy for you to capture some ‘streams of consciousness’ so that in your car or when you get a quiet moment you can capture an ‘audio blog’.

They are just two uses and no doubt there will be more you will discover as you begin.

For the record, the plugin costs US$19 and the Voice Recording app costs US$1.99.

Let me know your thoughts and next week I look forward to coming back in written form to do the next WordPress Wednesday blog.

And now, just click the play button to listen in.


Listen or Download




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