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wordpress superhero (Original image by mondi via Flickr adapted by Steve Davis)

Steinar, Constantin & Sensei, my WordPress superheroes!

Last week, I wrote about a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to turn your iPhone or iPad into a mobile podcast recorder, broadcaster and publisher, see Using a WordPress plugin, an app, and and iPhone to podcast on the fly.

One part of the story I did not share was the incredible support that Steinar Knutsen provided me on the eve of publishing my story.

Before I unfold that story, you should know the reason why I have been spurred into action to write this post is that this has been the third example of generous, warm and professional help provided by plugin creators for me, a user.

While Steinar’s plugin had to be bought outright (for a whopping US$20), two other WordPress plugin creators need credit:

  • The man known as Sensei from TheCartPress plugin, a new, flexible and scalable eCommerce plugin for WordPress (free, donation)
  • Constantin Boiangiu, the man behind Featured Articles Lite, a plugin that creates interesting sliders or slideshows based on content within your WordPress site (free, donation)

Here is what they did.

Sensei and Constantin to the rescue

Sensei went out of his way to solve a particular issue one of my clients was facing due to a unique aspect of their products. He quickly wrote some extra code and emailed it to me, which I had my team add to the site and all was fixed. No charge, big smile, great service.

Constantin’s plugin appeared to be having an issue in Internet Explorer browsers so I asked for help on the forum. Within a few hours, Constantin had investigated my client’s set up, noticed there was one little piece of erroneous code left behind after an edit, and wrote back to alert me. It was changed and fixed within minutes. Again, just part of the service in this open source coalition of the world’s brightest and most innovative human beings, the WordPress community.

Steinar’s marathon effort

Back to Steinar and his claim on his plugin website that he offers support to anyone who buys his plugin.

It was 12.30am last Wednesday morning when I finally conceded that despite following Steinar’s instructions, my podcast was being held up somewhere between my iPhone and my blog (a process that now happens automatically).

With a forlorn sense of despair, I sent Steinar an email to his support address. Within ten minutes, Steinar had replied, offering to hop under the bonnet to check it out. I set up a temporary user account for him (1 minute) and sent him the details.

A few minutes later I got this email:

Got it and I’m logged in. I was able to load your podcast on my test site so it’s working in theory. I’ll get to the bottom of this and let you know what I find out.

I fell into bed around 1 am, trying not to get my hopes up but secretly fearing that at 6 am I would be needed to write a new WordPress Wednesday blog post for you.

But when I checked my email I found this:

You’re all good to go now. There was a very small detail in the code I had to correct – took me 5 hours to figure out but I finally got it. Everything should be working fine from now on. Your new podcast episode is in Draft posts – I really liked your episode by the way!
Just a tip: When putting paragraphs in the VR+ audio description field before uploading, include spaces between the paragraphs so that they are separated on your final blog post. Good luck and thank you for your patience and support!

Not only did I get good news, thanks, and a compliment, he even shared a tip with me to make my future use of his system more efficient and effective.

WordPress: Where community, communication and commerce thrive

Between you and me, apart from Google’s spiders loving web content in WordPress sites and users find them easy to manage, I think that part of the reason WordPress now accounts for almost 18 percent of the world’s websites, is the community and spirit of support offered by developers and geeks like Steinar, Constantin and Sensei.

Thank you all and thanks for doing your part to help free up all the untapped, helpful, valuable information and stories from passionate small business people around the globe who are using WordPress as their tool of choice for making themselves available and visible to consumers and would-be consumers worldwide!



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  1. Steinar Knutsen

    Thanks so much for your kind words Steve! It’s been a pleasure working with you too!


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