Using Hootsuite to share your WordPress blog post on Twitter and Facebook

As part of the WordPress Wednesday series, I will explore the simple steps for sharing your WordPress blog post via social media channels through use of the free, incredible tool known as Hootsuite.

Hootsuite simply lets you create one master account which you connect to your company’s various social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, etc.

The set up process is quite straightforward, so I will assume you know how to create an account at Hootsuite and then add a couple of your social networks.

Once they are set, then you are!

The following video tutorial here will walk you through the steps of sharing a blog post.

You will see the steps include:

  • Isolating the correct link to the individual post (some people mistake the WordPress blog index page as the link to share)
  • Learning how to shorten long article links so you still have characters left in your Tweet
  • Choosing which social accounts to share the post through
  • Composing an sentence to entice people to click on your shared link
  • Scheduling and/or sending your promotional Tweet or Facebook Page update
  • Checking to see that it all worked

Now here’s the video.

Steve Davis explaining the use of Hootsuite for promoting blog posts through social media channels

If you still have any questions, remember you can contact us directrly or enter a question into Baker’s Shout – a Facebook service where you can have your marketing question considered by the whole Baker Marketing team over our Friday night drinks (and you are welcome to join us).



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