Update WordPress now before it’s too late

WordpressHundreds of Baker Marketing clients run WordPress websites but not all clients are as active with them as they should be (no names).

Every Wednesday, our Marketing Director, Steve Davis, will share insights and tips to keep your sites working in the Google-loved and trusted manner to which you expect.

Today, the reminder is to log in and check for updates. WordPress itself should be on version 3.3.1 and all your plugins should be up to date.

If not, now is the time to log in to your site, go to Updates (in the Dashboard menu) and update WordPress followed by all plugins in your list (if any).

It is a good idea to make a recurring diary entry to check for updates weekly but, of course, if you are blogging regularly, you can simply make a habit of applying updates as they arrive.

Some updates include aesthetic and usability factors but this current WordPress update is a security update.

Of course, you can always have one of our team schedule these updates on your behalf but the process is simple and important – and, as a bonus, logging in will remind you to blog!



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