2 helpful WordPress updates you might have missed

In recent months, there have been at least two helpful WordPress updates you might have missed in the busyness of running a business.

The first involves extra security when logging in.

The second involves an easier way of adding images to the sidebar area of the website.

Two pace you through these quickly, I’ve made a short explainer video.

2 helpful WordPress updates demonstrated on video

Some notes about the helpful WordPress updates

The security update in the video is just for you if you have BPS Bulletproof Security loaded on your site.

What you will find is you now have a third field to fill in when logging into your site.

When you hover over that field, it suggests a code for you to type in.

By doing this, the plugin’s Anti-Spam|Anti-Hacker technique is all you need to do to stop/block all automated Brute Force Login attempts and prevent user account lockouts.

The image widget is worth playing with if you have (or want to have) images in your sidebar.

This new widget method is much easier than having to use HTML code in a text widget, as has previously been the case.

Enjoy and, as always, if you’d like to update/refresh/create a WordPress website with a firm foundation in marketing strategy for your needs, contact us at Baker Marketing.