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Establishing a strong strategy tailored to your business goals is the key to powerful, cost-effective marketing.

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Ensure your business is set-up for digital success with the right tools and advice for online marketing goals.

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Let your marketing shine with creative ideas designed to deliver tangible results for your business objectives.

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Export can open exciting opportunities for growth and profit. Is your business ready for the global market?

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How being lazy will improve your marketing and make your customers fall in love with you

What is marketing? So-called clever marketing tricks that take constant money and effort? Well, that’s one way to do it. But there’s another way too — a better way that takes less energy and gets better results.
And it starts with a story…

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3 things SEO absolutely is NOT

SEO is a sneaky little word. So simple looking, but it actually represents a winding rabbit hole of the internet marketing world. Unfortunately, SEO has become one of those buzzwords that’s completely ubiquitous and yet totally misunderstood.

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Customer Service in the Age of Online Retail

Isn’t it surprising and interesting that an online store can be more helpful than a real person, and that while consumers don’t hesitate to do research online, retailers don’t seem to empower or encourage their staff to do the same?

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Google says AMP up your WordPress blog for better SEO

Google is demanding web pages that load almost instantly, via the AMP Project, which stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages.
Here is how to get your blog ready.

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If your SEO is targeting the search engines, you are doing it wrong

If I told you to stop doing SEO, would you call me crazy? Well, stop doing SEO.
Or at least, stop thinking about the ‘search engine’ part of ‘search engine optimisation’.

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Marketing Strategy: Your business flight plan.

In my last post, we looked at some big picture goals that provide us with a sense of where we want to be in 5 - 10 years and where our priorities should lie. This formed our Company Vision Timeline, a document that should serve to inspire and motivate. Although this...

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Does your business have a Company Vision Timetable?

At Baker Marketing, the Marketing Strategy Development process begins with the Company Vision Timetable (CVT). As its name suggests, the CVT is a forward looking document that answers the big picture question where do you want to be in 5 to 10 years? Like a Company...

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